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The holidays are upon us. Imagine getting through the holidays feeling good and without the typical weight gain that becomes a New Year’s resolution. It can be done. Here are some tips to help you through the holidays while eating delicious foods and enjoying the company of friends and family.

1.     PLAN: This is the most important step. You either plan to succeed or plan to fail. Think about your day ahead of time and what you have to do. What parties or festivities will you be attending. Get an idea of what will be served. You can bring a healthier dessert and side dish with you or you can eat ahead of time and just munch on a few healthier options there.

2.     INFORM: Let the people in your life know that you are making an effort to eat healthier so that they aren’t offended when you don’t indulge in all the holiday goodies.

3.     RECIPES: Tweak your favorite recipes or find new ones that use healthier sweeteners and flours. You can make delicious cookies and desserts that won’t sabotage your efforts and your willpower.

4.     SUPPORT: Enlist the support to help you through your busy days. You’d be surprised at how having support from someone can help you get through challenging situations. I do this every day with my clients. It really helps to have someone there that you can count on to help you through these times.

5.     RELAX: Take at least 10-15min. per day EVERY day to unwind and de-stress in some way. You can make a list of things you like to do and pick something off this list daily. Put it on your to do list!

6.     MOVE: Park farther away while shopping. Take the steps whenever possible. Even 10 min. of brisk walking two to three times per day is better than not exercising at all. Stretch and use some light weights a few times weekly. (You can even do this while watching a favorite T.V. show) You’ll have more energy to get through the day.

7.     BREATHE: Stop and take some deep breaths every day. This is very important for calming down the mind and body. It can be relaxing, especially with all the extra things that we do during the holidays. (You can even do this while driving)

8.     SLEEP: Make sure to get at least 7hrs. sleep per night as much as you can. Shut down the computer at night and wind down.

9.     PLAY: Have fun and do things you like to do. Laugh and enjoy time with family and friends. Say no when you have to. Simplify as much as possible.

10.      VOLUNTEER: You can do this with your time or money. It helps those in need and feeds the soul.

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I was overweight and was making bad food choices. I have lost weight, I’m off of one of my Diabetes medications and hope to get off another soon! I eat less in general and don’t have as many cravings. Karen is very informative and caring!

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