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antibiotics in your food

You are at the grocery store looking for meat for your family. You are trying to find a good lean meat that’s not too fatty. Unfortunately, no matter which lean meat you pick, you just might be getting a side of antibiotics and hormones!

Since the 1940’s, farmers have been adding antibiotics to the feed of their animals. Over 70% of antibiotics are used for this purpose! If they give them hormones, they grow faster and get fatter. This is done over and over again to make higher profits at the expense of our health.

When antibiotics are overused, they can lose their effectiveness against bacteria. This can lead to “superbugs”. So when you eat this meat, you are ingesting antibiotics too. This is not a good thing for our bodies because it can suppress our immune system.

So what can we do about it?

  • Eat grass-fed meat. The advantage is, more B vitamins, vitamin E and zinc, and selenium for immunity. CLA is higher that is a good fat and may help you decrease body fat.
  • Take care of your gut for immune health. Onions and garlic are good to eat along with spirulina and sweet potatoes.
  • Take probiotics. Antibiotics destroy all bacteria, good and bad. Probiotics help to replace the good bacteria in the gut. You need a good quality one.

The last thing to do is to buy your meat from a local farmer that raises their meat the right way without all the antibiotics and hormones and allows their cows to eat grass and not grain. There are some farmers out there that are doing it right. If you can’t do that then the next best thing is to get the meat from the store that says “no antibiotics or hormones”. Natural is not the same. It can be put on any label and not mean much.

It may cost a little more but how much is your health worth? You don’t have to eat meat every day as you can substitute other forms of protein and save money that way.

It’s never too late to start. How about today?

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