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Right about now everyone around you starts to sneeze, sniffle and cough! It’s that time of year again and nobody wants to feel bad over the holidays or have to go to the Dr.’s and get an antibiotic unless it’s absolutely necessary. I used to get sinus infections yearly or bronchitis and would be sick for about 3 weeks before I would then go to the Dr. and get on an antibiotic out of frustration. I no longer need to do this because I have found some natural things that help me, mainly my “Wellness Cocktail.” I will share it with you. Hope you stay well!


Silver Shield Liquid

Echinacea/Goldenseal Liquid

Alj Liquid

Silver Gel

Bifidophilus (Probiotic)


  1. First signs of sickness like scratchy throat, etc. Start right away before it gets ahold of you. Mix 1 Tablespoon Silver with drops of the other two according to bottle in a little water. Mix well. Drink this two times a day for a few days and it will knock it out!
  2. Sick: Take the mixture above two times daily for 10 days and take Vit. C TR two time per day and drink Yogi Tea, Throat Coat or Immune Defense with a little raw honey a few times per day.
  3. Preventative: Take one Teaspoon silver with the others one time per day when around those with cold/flu or traveling, etc. Take before getting on airplane and also Vit. C TR also.
  4. Use Silver Gel for cuts, hangnails, use on toothbrush to help get rid of bacteria on gums or female infections (Need to blot so not staying to wet as needed until gone)
  5. You can use the silver in eyes for eye infection, ear for ear infection, in nebulizer for lungs or in sinuses for sinus infection.
  6. Probiotics daily for Immune Health on empty stomach. Keep in Refrigerator or Freezer!

The first three ingredients are for the Wellness Cocktail and the other two are good to keep on hand. These have helped to keep me well and I haven’t had to go on antibiotics since using this recipe! Also safe for kids, just adjust the dose for them. Love these

To order these call: 1-800-453-1422

Give them my member number: 1969429-8 and name and tell them you want to order as a member to get the discounted prices. Your first order needs to be $40 and after that it doesn’t matter what you order but you will always get the discounted pricing. Ask for a price list and they will also give you your own member number to use in the future. You can make up a 4 digit code to use on the computer to order if you would like.

It only takes about two days or so to come in. They will tell you up to 5 days or so just in case.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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