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There are certain foods we eat that cause Inflammation in our body. Inflammation leads to most diseases in the long run. Slowly but surely, we are cooking ourselves!
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Here are just some of the symptoms of chronic Inflammation:

  • Feeling stiff and sore
  • Swollen
  • Congestion
  • Headaches

Believe it or not, FOOD is the culprit most of the time! Here are some of the offenders:

SUGAR: Damages your digestive track and inflames you
ALCOHOL: In excess, damages your liver and gut flora
GRAINS: Phytic Acid and Lectins are hard on everyone! Even more so if you are Gluten Sensitive.
REFINED OILS: Canola, Soybean, Corn, Safflower oils have inflammatory byproducts. These can also be GMO!
PASTEURIZED DAIRY: About 75% of people are intolerant to dairy. The pasteurization process destroys healthy bacteria and enzymes in raw milk and makes it hard to digest! Casein is similar to gluten and can cause problems.

Finding out what is causing Inflammation in your body can help you to maintain a healthy system and become pro-active with your health!

CONTACT ME to find out what is causing YOUR Inflammation and fine-tune your body to feel more ENERGY and prevent or reverse disease!

“I want to thank you for coming into our lives with your remarkable meal plan. I had given up that I would ever lose weight. To the uneducated, this might sound like too much to give up but, realistically, it’s not. Of course, if one is addicted to cane sugar there is a high probability of failure – unless the desire for weight loss and feeling good is more important than the addiction to cane sugar. I’ve talked with several others who had endless excuses “why” they couldn’t give up their lattes or KFC or fast food burgers and, as a result, lost little or no weight.

The bottom line is one does not need to give up 95% of the foods they normally eat. It’s a matter of knowing what to eat. As one wise man once said, … the greatest enemy of mankind is ignorance…, and you have enlightened me and freed me from my ignorance about food. For this, I will be eternally grateful.

How successful has my enlightenment been? I began your plan on 11-15-2013 and I weighed 255 lbs. Today, 05-02-2014, I weigh 215 lbs (and still gradually losing). I have lost 40 lbs in 5 ½ months and lost 8” in my waist. I have only one word for this: INCREDIBLE!

Again, THANK YOU!”

Bill Hayden
Sedona Arizona

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Stomach Cramps Are Gone!

Before I started on Karen’s Program, I had stomach cramps at night and wanted to eliminate “Belly Fat!” Since I’ve been on the program, my stomach cramps are completely gone and my waist size has decreased! I lost weight and 3 inches around my middle! Thanks Karen.

David Congelton Arizona June 1, 2015


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