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How do we stop our skin from aging so rapidly? As we grow older, skin cells regenerate more slowly, which makes it difficult to repair itself. Our skin thins because of fewer hormones. The skin becomes drier and more fragile.

Aging photo - young vs older skinA healthy approach to growing old is to eat right and exercise. New research shows that a diet rich in some nutrients may prevent — and even reverse — skin aging.

Stock up on the following foods to help your skin stay younger looking:

  • Berries: These can help with sun damage
  • Kiwis: Vitamin C helps fight free radicals
  • Green or White Tea: Protects skin from sagging & provides antioxidants
  • Flaxseed Oil: Keeps skin moist & toned
  • Greens: Helps prevent calcification with vitamin K
  • Dark Chocolate: Gives skin a youthful appearance & protects you from UV light
  • Tomatoes: Lycopene protects from UV radiation
  • Carrots: Vitamin A helps the skin from appearing dry & scaly
  • Avocadoes: Vitamin E helps reduce the sun’s harmful effects and combats collagen breakdown

If you eat a healthy diet of all of these foods, you can help your skin look more youthful and vibrant! Eating healthy is always better than trying to get everything from supplements.


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Before you buy yogurt, be sure to take a moment to read the label. You may be surprised by the number of highly processed ingredients in your favorite yogurt, according to Green Med Info:

Sugar (sometimes as much as 8 or more teaspoons!)

Yogurt with strawberriesFructose
High Fructose Corn Syrup
Modified Corn Starch
Caramel Color
Chemical preservatives
Artificial Flavor
Artificial food colors
Genetically modified ingredients


Many of these ingredients can damage your health and cause behavioral and neurological problems. Also, if you have an intolerance to dairy or casein, it can cause sinus issues, digestive issues, gas, and inflammation, which can lead to a variety of problems that we don’t want. Be an informed consumer by reading the labels.

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