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A study on belly fat confirms that visceral fat – the type that gathers around your internal organs – is far more dangerous than having a total BMI in the obese range. There are different ways of calculating your ideal body size. One way is by measuring the circumference of your hips at the widest part, across your buttocks. Then measure your waist just above your belly button. Divide your waist measurement by your hip measurement to get your ratio.

NORMAL:   .85 or less in women and .90 or less in men

id-100442672You can also just measure your waist. Your waist size is a good indication of the amount of fat you are carrying in the stomach area.

  • For men, between 37 and 40 inches is overweight and more than 40 inches is obese
  • For women, between 31.5 and 34.6 inches is overweight, and more than 34.6 inches is obese.

Does reducing the amount of sugar in the diet help with losing weight and belly fat?

Of greater concern is not weight, but the effects of fructose on body composition, fatty liver, and insulin resistance. Fructose can rapidly induce metabolic syndrome and fatty liver that is not observed in animals fed the same number of calories as glucose or starch.

Reducing the amount of sugar in the diet does help, but you need alternatives so that you don’t feel deprived. Also, finding out which foods are best for your body and those which may be causing silent inflammation that can lead to disease will help you to be on a proactive road to great health and a wonderful quality of life as you age!

id-10045264If you are having problems with your thyroid, you may want to check into your adrenals—the battery pack of your body! These little glands are on top of your kidneys and play a huge part in your health & well being.

They are responsible for your Energy, Hormone Balance, Immune Health & Blood Sugar Balance. That’s a lot! We always remember to recharge our batteries for our cell phone, camera, etc., but what about us? We are too busy burning ourselves out!

Our adrenal glands produce Estrogen, Progesterone, Cortisol, Adrenaline, Dopamine and other hormones. We need to support the adrenals to help heal the thyroid and have it working properly.

Here are some symptoms of adrenal fatigue & thyroid issues:

  • Exhaustion
  • Brain Fog
  • Dizziness
  • Insomnia
  • Hair Loss
  • Low Blood Pressure
  • Decreased Sex Drive

When your thyroid is low, your adrenals are probably too! The body is conserving energy naturally.

So what can throw the adrenals and thyroid out of balance?

  1. Chronic Infections
  2. Food Sensitivities
  3. Sleep Deprivation
  4. Over-Exercising
  5. Too Many Stimulants
  6. High Sugar Intake
  7. High Stress
  8. Nutritional Deficiencies

When you don’t get the nutrition you need, the body naturally slows down. You can be deficient in Vitamin D3, B12, and other nutrients.

If you have hidden food sensitivities, you may not be absorbing your nutrients well and then can have issues. Taking thyroid medication doesn’t always work when you don’t find the root cause!

Saliva Testing can find hidden issues like infections (H.Pylori, Yeast, Parasites, etc.), Foods that cause Inflammation, Digestion, Cortisol Levels, Hormones and more. This can get you on the right track for getting balanced and having more Energy, Weight Balance, Disease Prevention, too!

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