Test TubesEvery day we put chemicals on our skin and face along with perfume and deodorant. At what cost are we doing this? If we don’t pay attention to the chemicals in most of these products, it can disrupt our hormone balance and cause us to gain weight and have a hard time losing weight. Plus, an accumulation of these chemicals can contribute to diseases like cancer!

What can we do to change this? Watch for and avoid:

  • Parabens: These are used as a preservative and are linked to breast cancer and Belly Fat!
  • Synthetic Fragrances: (Often labeled as “fragrances”) Sounds harmless right? Label needs to say: PhthalateFree! Synthetic fragrances are a friend to cellulite and body fat. They disrupt your hormones, can create mood swings and increase food cravings!
  • Propylene Glycol and others!

As you can see, shampoos, skin creams, make-up, deodorant and other products we use every day can contribute to unwanted belly fat, cancer and many other issues. We can change what we put on our skin by making informed choices.

I see this every day. My clients do a saliva test to find hidden sources of inflammation and what their cortisol and other hormones are doing. Sometimes we find that their estrogen, progesterone and testosterone are extremely high and they aren’t even taking hormones!!!!

This is alarming to me. The risk of cancer and disease is high with hormones being out of control from foods, products and other avenues.

Bottom line is you have some control over your path in life. You can be pro-active and find out what’s happening with your hormones, etc. through saliva testing with me and I can help to guide you in a better directionJ

CONTACT ME to find out and change your life in the right direction NOW!!!! It is not too late no matter how old you are. You never know what can happen. You need to take control. I would love to help you figure it out!
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I recently completed Karen’s “recipe 4 wellness” program with my wife. It was an amazing program that was packed with information that has helped me become more healthy and have a higher understanding of nutrition and proper eating. I have gotten off of my medications that I thought I would be on for the rest

Dr. Dave Migliore, DDS, CTLC June 1, 2015


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