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You probably don’t consider yourself to be a drug addict like the typical addicts you see on TV shooting up or looking for their next fix. Truth is, though, you have been drugged up for most of your life. You’ve been doing this by ingesting an opiate similar to heroin or morphine, and you’ve been getting it at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks!


According to Dr. William Davis, author of Wheat Belly, “You’ve been cleverly disguising your opiate of choice as muffins, bagels, cereals, and sandwiches!” One of the dark issues of modern wheat, the addictive mind effects of gliadin protein can really be trouble.

If you eat a sandwich on whole wheat bread (which we are taught to eat as healthy), the gliadin protein turns into exorphins, or exogenously-derived morphine-like compounds. These exorphins cross into the brain and bind to opiate receptors to produce opiate-like effects.

This causes addict-like behavior and appetite stimulation. BUT, your appetite isn’t stimulated to eat salmon and asparagus; instead, you go for chips, cookies, donuts, etc.!

If you stop eating it, you can actually go through withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, headache, anxiety, etc., that can last a few days.

Like sugar, wheat is in most processed foods. So, just as the drug dealer knows you’ll be back for your next hit, the food industry knows you will be back for your next bite of pretzels or bread.

Also, wheat can be sprayed with glyphosphate, which is in Round-Up! And that can’t be good for anyone!

It’s important to be proactive and prevent disease as you age. You want to feel great and have a good quality of life so you can enjoy all the fun things and be around for your kids and grandkids. Being aware of what you’re eating, as the right choices play an important part in disease prevention.

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Digestive Problems are Gone

I wanted to let you know the results I’ve had from my efforts on your program. The H.Pylori cleared up! My digestive problems are almost entirely gone. I’m watching my diet, and learning how to substitute items that cause problems. I appreciate all your help! Thanks.

Shirley Arizona June 1, 2015


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