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WHEN:  Thursday, Oct. 15
TIME:  6-9pm
WHERE:  Karen’s House, 140 Schuerman Dr., Sedona
COST:  $8 (to cover food/drinks) – Bring a friend for 1/2 price
Limited seating. Register below (under Booking) or call Karen at 928-282-8918.
Trapped emotions, fears, and anxieties are held in our bodies and may be at the source of what ails us. Experts from around the world share their wisdom and how to clear negative emotions for a new way of being. We all have a purpose, so let’s help to get those emotions out so we can live our best lives possible. How great is that?!?
Come share a fun night with us. Organic popcorn and treats provided! After the movie, we’ll discuss and share ideas.
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Bill Hayden Arizona June 1, 2015


Karen Russell

Certified Health Counselor

140 Schuerman Drive

Sedona, AZ 86336

(by appointment only)





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