How to live healthy while eating healthy!

Health conscious eaters already know a lot about how to eat well. Healthy consumers are already eating fresh fruits and vegetables, avoiding processed foods, and loading up on lean proteins like fish and tofu. They pay attention to the quality of their food and where it comes from. But how else can someone who eats healthy improve her condition in addition to eating well? There are a number of ways that the healthy eater can become even healthier. Here are a few tips, tricks, and suggestions to get you started in a healthy lifestyle.

Shop at the nearby farmer’s market every week. Instead of relying on the grocery store, find your closest farmer’s market and try to schedule in time to shop there first. By shopping at the farmer’s market you will not only be helping to build your community’s sustainable food system, but if you walk there you will be getting great exercise! The walk back is especially fitness-positive as you are also carrying all your groceries! (Don’t forget your reusable grocery bags!) Many people think locally produced organic fruits and vegetables taste better, too!

Cook at home more. Food lovers enjoy good restaurants; so many people end up dining out more than is really good for their health. Cooking at home is always healthier than dining out! Restaurants often use butter and oil in excess and often in ways you never even realize or would think to look. When you cook at home you have total control over the recipe and everything that gets added to your meal. You also have better control over portions, which are generally too large at restaurants.

Only eat at restaurants you can walk to. If you are really dying to get out to the new bistro in your neighborhood, allow yourself the special indulgence – but only if you can walk there and back. Relying on cars has made many people walk substantially less. A mile, even two, is an entirely walk-able distance, though that can be easy to forget when you have a car in your driveway. So break out your sneakers and get to dinner!

Find fun ways to be active outside of the gym. If spending an hour on the treadmill sounds dreadful, then try to think outside the gym. There are so many other options out there that are both fun and fitness friendly. Long bike rides, swimming, and outdoor yoga classes are available in many communities around the country. Check your local newspaper and see what outdoor activities are available in your area!

Use fewer cleaning supplies. Many people think of Windex as the one size fits all cleaning product but it is also full of chemicals like most products in the household aisle. These cleaners are bad for you and for the environment. Try a vinegar and water solvent instead. This is easy to make and inexpensive also – everybody wins!

Get a dog! There is no better way to ensure that you will spend active time outside than to get a dog that forces you to take him out four times a day. You will find that you seek out dog friendly outdoor hikes and other adventures. If you get your dog at a local shelter you will also be saving a life.

About the Author: Emily Joseph has been covering health related topics for over 15 years. When she isn’t writing, you can find her at home with her family or researching companies like Qualsight.

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