You are trying to stay away from artificial sweeteners so you have opted for sweeteners like stevia, etc. I’m sure you’ve seen it in the store before. It can be tricky when shopping and it pays to be aware. This product contains 95% dextrose!!!! This is sugar and can be derived from corn.

This hidden ingredient may cause you to gain “Belly Fat!” That’s the last thing you want, right!

Another brand “Pure Via” also contains dextrose as you look on the label. “Tuvia” has erythritol that has been chemically engineered and made from GMO corn if it doesn’t say it hasn’t.

So, how do you know a good source of stevia?

1.    Buy a stevia plant and grind it up.
2.    Look for “whole leaf stevia” rebaudioside a or stevia extract.
3.    Some stevia extract that’s made right is good or make your own!
4.    Use other healthy sweeteners.

Just be aware and don’t always trust a label! I like Lakanto which tastes good to me and made with non-GMO ingredients! Click the image below for more information about Lakanto.


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Lost 30lbs, Off BP Med, More Energy & Focus

I am currently on one of Karen’s Programs and have lost 30lbs. and I am off my blood pressure medication! I have more Energy and Focus and this is an EASY lifestyle change for me. I was dependent on energy drinks, caffeine and felt unfocused before. I feel great!

Christopher Wales Arizona June 1, 2015


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