Chocolate 4 healthChocolate can satisfy cravings, calm you, increase your sex drive and acts as a comfort food. The key is to pick a chocolate that doesn’t include dairy, soy, or lots of sugar!

It should contain 70% or higher cacoa content. Some chocolates may contain soy lecithin, which can be genetically modified! If you can’t eat dark chocolate, work your way to it by starting with 55% and add organic peanut butter or almond butter to it. Over time gradually increase the percentage to a higher percentage. It will help with your sugar cravings too!

Make recipes with good quality organic cocoa powder and add it to smoothies, etc. There are many health benefits of eating dark chocolate so don’t avoid it unless you have an allergy, etc.

Have fun and try different kinds. Cheers! Happy chocolate eating!

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First Program I Actually Like & Crave

I have had some battles with my health and I’ve been diagnosed with having cancer in the past. I’ve tried other programs in the past and this is the first program that I’ve tried that I actually LIKE the food that I’m eating, I feel satisfied and even CRAVE this food!

Ivan Schlabaugh South California June 1, 2015


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