vitruvian man leonardo da vinciDo you ever wish you could get to the bottom of what’s causing you to feel tired, rundown, gassy, bloated, and other issues? This program may be what you need! It helps us get to the root of what is causing your health problems or in ability to lose weight by obtaining a clear “road map” so you know which direction to go.

The Body Balance Breakthrough Program

You get a test kit (test kit & testing fees sold separately) to help you figure out what may be causing your health issues that can help you find out if you have hidden food sensitivities, infections like yeast, bacteria or parasites, high or low cortisol levels, digestive problems and hormonal flucuations to name a few.

I will go over your results with you and help you develop a plan of action. With guidance, you can make decisions on which way to handle anything that would show up on these tests. Food is our best medicine so learning what to eat is a part of it, along with lifestyle and which supplements, may help to resolve these health issues.

Here’s some results that others have had:

My daughter is no longer having stomachaches all the time!” ~ Melinda Weakland


I lost 30lbs., I’m making better food choices and my psoriasis is over 80% better!” Phil Keller


My blood sugar levels are better, I’ve decreased my meds and I’m a type 1diabetic. I’m less bloated and wearing a smaller size in clothes. Overall, I feel healthier and more energetic!” Cherie Weber


I had skin problems and couldn’t lose weight even though I was working out. My skin is clearing up! By testing I found out I had parasites and food intolerances. My energy level has improved immensely. I’m cooking healthier and repairing my body, thank goodness! Karen is helpful and beyond. She doesn’t leave you without alternatives. She looks out for you and you can’t find many people who do this. Thanks Karen!” ~ Shelly Borden


I am less bloated and have so much more energy. I’ve lost weight too! Victoria Hockenberry


I was bloated, hungry all the time and my digestion wasn’t great. After testing and correcting some issues I have a lot less bloating, I’m not hungry all the time anymore and I feel better! ~ Kristi Bradley


After going through testing and tweaking what I was eating, I have lost 32lbs., have a lot more energy, my blood sugar is back in normal limits and I feel better! My cholesterol is down to normal too!” Ray Paquin


What’s Included in the Program

The program includes two follow up visits with me to go over the results of the test kit, develop a plan and customize it to your needs. We can test a variety of different things from hormones, cortisol levels 4 times during the day, food sensitivities, hidden infections like h.pylori, yeast overgrowth, parasites, etc. along with digestive enzymes, mucosal gut lining function and more! Re-testing would be suggested within 6 months to one year.

The test kit & testing fees are sold separately because the cost varies as it’s determined by how many tests you choose. I send you the test kit and set up a time to go over it with you. Together we’ll determine which tests are right for you. The testing process itself, is easy to do; you collect saliva/stool and send it in to the lab. I get the results in about 10 days, then set up a time to go over the results with you and help you with an easy game plan that’s individualized to you!

Get to the bottom of what’s bugging you today. You’ll be glad you did!

The Body Balance Breakthrough Program cost is only: $275 plus the cost of test kit/testing, which is sold separately and ranges from $132-$295 (depending on how many tests are selected).

Ready for the Next Step?

Make an appointment for an initial consultation. I consult with clients locally in Arizona and around the world via telephone or Skype. From the very first consult, you’ll walk away informed, energized, and ready to start today!

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Digestive Problems are Gone

I wanted to let you know the results I’ve had from my efforts on your program. The H.Pylori cleared up! My digestive problems are almost entirely gone. I’m watching my diet, and learning how to substitute items that cause problems. I appreciate all your help! Thanks.

Shirley Arizona June 1, 2015


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