Nuti-masu Salt

nutimasu_150_1packR2-300x300Nuti-masu Salt, a salt from the land of longevity, is an ideal mineral supplement in daily life.

Major features include:

  1. 100% natural and made from the clearest and cleanest ocean water in the world.
  2. Highest natural minerals content (World Guinness Record 2002).
  3. “Best tasting ocean salt” (World Monde Food Selection Award Gold Medal 6 years in row. Highly recommended by the French “Iron Chef” (TV program).

Buy Life Ocean Salt 150g bottle 1-pack or Life Ocean Salt 150g bottle 3-pack


the-healing-waterfallBest Selling Guided Meditation

Over 100,00 copies sold!!

The Healing Waterfall is waiting for you on a beautiful mountainside. Deeply relax, as the water heals and soothes every part of you. This luxurious, gentle meditation with it’s rich, soft narration and music has been adored by many, many people over the years.

From the Journey: “Slowly walk forward into the pool, as this healing water caresses your ankles, your calves, and your knees, as they too absorb this gentle energy… and completely relax. As you run your hands across the surface of the water, you find yourself becoming more and more comfortable, and at home in this pool. And you have the feeling that you’re completely safe, and totally free to be yourself.” Hear a sample and purchase an MP3 Download or CD…

Nourishing Thyroid Health DVD with Andrea Beaman



Nourishing Adrenal Health DVD with Andrea Beaman BUY NOW



2-dvds2 DVD Bundle:

Nourishing Thyroid Health and Adrenal Health with Andrea Beaman
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Healthy Natural Sweetener





Pharmaceutical Grade Quality Vitamins/Herbs



Become a Health Coach!

Ever thought of learning more or changing your career and becoming a Health Coach?

The Institute For Integrative Nutrition is a fabulous organization that provides high quality health coach certification.

IIN Sample Nutrition Class





Click here to sample a FREE class: Intergrative Nutrition Curriculum

Click here to sign up for the health coaching program guide.

Mind/Body Connection

Brain Sync

BRAINSYNC meditation CDs and guided imagery techniques are proven to significantly improve mental performance. In two decades, nearly 3 million Brain Sync users have experienced the powerful benefits of deep meditation to accelerate healing, learning, recovery and personal growth.

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Less Cravings & Off One of My Diabetic Meds!

I was overweight and was making bad food choices. I have lost weight, I’m off of one of my Diabetes medications and hope to get off another soon! I eat less in general and don’t have as many cravings. Karen is very informative and caring!

Bev Fisher New Philadelphia, Ohio June 1, 2015


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Certified Health Counselor

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