low energyYes, we all live in a fast world these days, and, yes, sometimes we get tired. Many people, though, make food choices that can cause them to feel fatigued instead of energized. Because we feel rushed and don’t always find time to cook, we go through the drive-thru or eat other fast food on the run. Or maybe we go to a restaurant and make unhealthy choices full of GMOs, refined sugar, bad fats, inflammatory ingredients and more…

You don’t just wake up with low energy or a disease like cancer, diabetes, or high blood pressure. This happens over time, one bite at a time! Many meals are eaten before these things happen. Our energy suffers and we feel tired all the time. Caffeine and sugar are what we grab to keep us going–maybe that candy bar, doughnut or can of pop… whatever we think may get us through. Even an organic ice tea or a latte full of sugar!

Some causes of low energy:

• Inflammation from eating the wrong foods like GMOs, sugar, gluten, and more
• Depletion from not getting the right nutrients
• Toxification by eating foods full of pesticides, hormones and antibiotics
• Chemicals that build up in the body in every way

As you can see, it’s easy to get fatigued in our world today! What we eat will either give us energy or take it from us. There is a way to get into balance and feel more energy while eating delicious AND healthy foods!!!!

Start by replacing some of your ingredients with healthier options and see what happens. I can help you if you need it – There IS light at the end of the tunnel!

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Less pain, inflammation, and depression

Since I’ve been on the program, my breast inflammation is gone, my depression is better, I have increased energy, my constipation is gone and I have been able to decrease my steroids due to multiple sclerosis because I have less pain!

Linda Hapner Arizona June 1, 2015


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