The latest research is finding a connection between disease and what we eat. Certain foods in particular can cause inflammation in our bodies and promote diseases like Alzheimer’s. Most people know someone who’s had this catastrophic disease.

According to Dr. David Perlmutter, Alzheimer’s is costing billions every year — but it can be preventable.

 “The point is there is no meaningful treatment. It is a disease predicated on lifestyle choices primarily, because of the high amount of carbohydrates/sugar that we now, as Western-culture individuals, are consuming. It’s a preventable disease. It surprises me at my core that no one’s talking about the fact that so many of these devastating neurological problems are, in fact, modifiable based upon lifestyle choices.”

Grain picHe looked at the impact of gluten & casein on autoimmune disease. In his book, “Grain Brain”, Dr. Perlmutter reveals that gluten is involved in most chronic disease, including those that affect the brain, because of how it affects the immune system. We are all affected to some degree, some more than others. It’s because we all create zonulin in the intestine in response to gluten. This makes your gut more permeable and allows proteins to get into the bloodstream, which promotes inflammation and immune problems. Antibiotics and chlorinated water do the same thing.

The gut-brain connection is very important to understand. Once the gut is this way, other proteins like casein from dairy cause problems. This doesn’t include dairy fats like clarified butter. We need fats in our bodies, but the right kinds!

Some tests to consider having to see your risk for Alzheimer’s and other diseases are:

  • Gluten Sensitivity Testing/Casein
  • Fasting Blood Sugar: There is a correlation between your blood sugar and your brain shrinking. Even at 90-100, it affects your memory center.
  • Hemoglobin A1c: This is a marker of blood sugar in a 3-month period and indicates the same thing as the blood sugar and brain shrinkage.

Just know that you can change how your brain is doing through lifestyle changes, more so than just aging. You can be in control of your health! You can change your genetic destiny!

We need cholesterol because it’s a precursor to make vitamin D, a brain antioxidant and precursor to the sex hormones. “The elderly with the lowest cholesterol may be at risk the most for Alzheimers,” according to Dr. Perlmutter. “It’s a fundamental player in every cell membrane.”

Helping people make the right choices when it comes to their bodies and what they eat is what I do. It’s crucial to our health and well-being.

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