“New You” Retreat coming up in January of 2013.

Relax, kick back and rejuvenate in the sun and beautiful setting of a secluded little town north of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!

Cooking classes, morning rejuvenation, massages, relaxation and more!!!!!!

Details to come soon!

Also, New VIP Days, more info on this coming soon and more fun and informational Programs. 
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Lost Weight & No Longer Pre-Diabetic!

I was suffering with health issues and have an apple-pumpkin shaped body. My overall weight seems to be in my torso. I have lost 4″ on my chest and 4-5″ on my waist and about 25 lbs.! I’m in a different pant size and I have decreased my medications. I am no longer pre-diabetic! My

Steve Shanken Arizona June 1, 2015


Karen Russell

Certified Health Counselor

140 Schuerman Drive

Sedona, AZ 86336

(by appointment only)





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