Green Chili Potato Soup

for the “Own Your Health & Wellness” personalities!

This Gluten Free Living book will show you:

What symptoms & diseases may be linked to gluten sensitivity
How to make delicious tasting easy gluten free baked goods
Blends of gluten free flours that can be used in any recipe
Ingredients to avoid when eating gluten free
How to lower inflammation by eating gluten free
Eat decadent desserts and baked goods without feeling guilty or deprived!

Gluten Free Living offers a one two punch for successful weight loss: Information and tasty recipes.

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Lost 30lbs, Off BP Med, More Energy & Focus

I am currently on one of Karen’s Programs and have lost 30lbs. and I am off my blood pressure medication! I have more Energy and Focus and this is an EASY lifestyle change for me. I was dependent on energy drinks, caffeine and felt unfocused before. I feel great!

Christopher Wales Arizona June 1, 2015


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